The Big Green Bus in Europe

These are the pictures of the trip by the Big Green Bus from New Zealand to Rotterdam, and the travels through Europe.
20 November 2005: Last day of the Bus at North Shore Airfield :(
22 November 2005: The Bus goes on the Boat (Archh)
29 December 2005: Arrival of the Bus in Rotterdam (with minor damage..)
30 December 2005: Drive to Gistel in a snowstorm
20 January 2006: Trying the car on the transporter for the first time
26 January 2006: First day of the trip to Sunny Spain... haha
28 January 2006: Near Lyon, Sunny Spain here we come! Hohoho
3 February 2006: The last bit to a camping near Malaga.. Not suitable for a big Bus...
Later back in the Netherlands...
20 April 2006: Camping de Boomgaard, the Netherlands
22 May 2006: Departing Camping de Boomgaard
10 June 2006: On trip to Sweden, the cooling Fan blew appart...
11 June 2006: Camping in Malmo, Sweden