Bart's Travel Pages.

This is the very begining of my travels, a 'test' drive of the Bus in the South Island of New Zealand.
I am still finishing the Bus, and discovering some problems which will have to be fixed before I take the Bus overseas.
I am also still learning what kind of photo's I should take on my travels! Having one picture after another with the Bus on the foreground tends to get a bit boring... I promise to improve the artwork!
Most pictures can be 'clicked' upon to get a high resolution version of it, 800x600.

This is part of the map of the South Island, most of the photo's on this page are in the area on the bottom right corner. As you can see there are lot's of lakes in the South Island of New Zealand.

Here I am sitting at a DOC camping ground near Wanaka. There was no access to the lake here, so I stayed not very long.

Same place here.

This is at Lake Ohau, near Twizel. The view is great, but unfortunately this point is so far above the lake, that there is no easy access to the water.

Same place.

From Lake Ohau I decided to have a look at Mount Cook, the tallest mountain in New Zealand. This is from the road to Mount Cook. There is only one road, so afterwards I had to go the same way back...

That's me at the same location. Camera on the ground...

I stayed here for a while, direct at the lake: Lake Benmore, not far from Twizel again. I have done a lot of cruising around on the lake with my little inflatable boat with 8 hp outboard motor. Great fun! But no pictures at this point... I will from now on try to make some more photo's from the places I visit.

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