The South West.

I passed Perth, and drove on towards the South-West to have a look at that area. It is quite beautiful here, it feels a bit like France, due to the climate and the many, many wineries!
We took the Jeep for a one-day trip to the very South-West part of Australia.
You can do wine tasting every 5 kilometers, oh oh...

Huh? There is a car hanging in that tree..

Speed kills... Must have been a helicopter pilot!

While walking to that tree found some interesting flowers
in the trees.

We took the Jeep and went for a drive of a few hundred
kilometers from Busselton south to Augusta. This is
the very south-west point of Australia, and very nice.


Some pics of the coastline.

Nice warm weather, light winds :)

There are many caves in this area. We visited 2 of them.
The next pictures are in this cave.


This is another cave, of which I forgot the name.
It has a lake in it, very nice!

A piece of stalagmite (?) with a torch shining through it.

And that was it for the caves! A very nice day,
and worth doing this one-day trip.

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