The Bus, 01-11-99.

Right! The floor is now completely in, and what a WORK it was! Thousands (well, hundreds) of little pieces of insulation had to be cut and puzzled in plate, two layers deep. Plus a lot of welding of additional supports, and all kind of extra work of stuff which I forgot had to do first, before the floor could go over it... I have got lots of more pics of the installation of the floor pannels, but I only put some of them here on the Web :)
Now working on the interior walls, which means that first all ventilation holes must be cut in the walls, stuff installed, exterior lights installed (can only be reached from inside for install), aluminium ladder attached on the back (more welding of extra support beams), Ham Radio Clarke Pump Mast also attached to the back of the bus (extents to 12 meter when pumped up with air pressure from the bus)... Where was I... Oh yes, I was installing the interior walls! LOTS of insulation to be cut and put in place, two layers (50 mm between metal supports, and 25 mm between additional timber supports on top of this.)
And the plan is that the bus is more or less ready before Christmas! It will go to a local boat-builder for 5 weeks to have the interior made and installed. I want it to look proffesional you know, and if I would do it myself, well...

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