The Bus, Finishing the Interior, 15-12-99.

Well! Things have really moved in the last few months, and I have been so busy that (as usual)  the Web pages where not updated for a while. And here is then the new batch, the Building of the Interior. All the cabinet work was done by a local boat-building company, and they have done an excelent job.
Stuff like tiling the badroom and the carpet and upholstery where done by other companies. While this was going on I worked by butt off cabling and insulating the cealing, and lots of other stuff.
All the timber is from a New Zealand native tree called Remu. All table tops, including kitchen and badroom tops are from solid Remu. In some of the pictures you can see how they make it by glueing lots of pieces together, and the lots of sanding and spraying etc, and you get an awesome result.
On the next pages you will see the (almost) finished Bus!

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