The Bus, week 22, 15-02-99. The Plumbing and Electrics.

6 weeks of work, and it really does not look like a lot. Everything takes so much longer than expected! Also have to make a living though, so work does not go as quick as I would like it to go. However: Got several new compartments made, had to rebuild the floor under the drivers seat, and weld in a new steel backplate, ripped out a massive amount of old 24 volt cable (and I hope I did not rip out to much!), all the plumbing is in (except the Tanks and pumps etc.), got all the electrical cabling in, complying with the Rules of New Zealand, Australia and the USA! Its got a 1100 Amp/Hour battery pack (6x 2 Volt 1100 Amp/H batteries in series, scary stuff), the 2500 Watt Invertor/Charger/Control system (Trace Engineering, US), Solar Charging Control system (Trace), and 9x 80 Watts Solar panels on the roof... Also installed an extra 12 volt/130 Amp additional alternator on the front of the engine. Lucky me, it had a spare space for a second alternator. I have ordered a 7 Kilowatt diesel generator. So, I can now charge the batteries with the Invertor up to 250 Amps (!), using shore power or generator; or from the alternator when the engine runs at 130 Amps; or when the sun shines up to 45 Amps from the solar panels. Cloudy day: 10 Amps. Cool stuff! Next step: The Tanks, water heater, pumps etc.


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