The Bus, week 16, 30-12-98. The Bus is Back!

Well, the bus is back home! In the following pictures you can see what I have been doing the last few weeks. Had a hell of a job taking the floor out. Now it is time to put in all the plumbing and electrical cabling, and tanks, and invertors, generators, solar panels, water heaters, battery packs... Oh, why did I start this? In the garage you see some of the stuff which has to go in, including the 4x 500 liter stainless steel tanks, 2 for water, one grey water, and one black water. The insulation is New Zealand made sound/temp insulation. And that funny thing with the huge green resistors on it? I have no idea what it is for, and it is in my way! Anybody who knows what it is for, let me know.

And what is this for??
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