In Townsville, and into the Table Lands.

Townsville is a good sized town on the east coast of Australia. It has a nice (new) beach front called The Strand, and I have been on a camping ground a few kilometers out of town for more than a week, to do some work on the Bus.
I had the wheels re-alligned, and a stainless stell mesh windscreen protector made and installed, to protect my expensive windscreen from rocks thrown up by Road-Trains in the outback...

A picture through the windscreen of the Jeep. Looking at
The Strand from a side street.

The Strand...


Somewhere in Townville...

From Townsville, I drove inland into The Tablelands.
This is a large vulcanic area, with awesome nature. This
is a small road somewhere, I forgot where it was..

Waterfalls falling in old vulcanic holes, now full with water
and very deep!

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