Down the West Coast.

From Broome, I drove down the West Coast, and visited all nice places along the way, like Exmouth, Carnavon, Monkey Mia and Kalbarri. Here are a heap of pictures of this trip.

On the road in Australia...

Big new hole in my windscreen too... Is repaired by now.

This is supposed to be a big wild river... Only a small
puddle of water now.

More road...

You need to click on this picture to see what this photo
is about. In the distance, there are large antenna masts.

What you see here (especially on the large version of
the picture) are the antenna masts of the VLF transmitter
at Exmouth. This is a joint operation between Australia
and the USA, and with these Very Low Frequency transmitters
the United States keep in contact with their missile submarines,
you know, the ones which can blow up our planet 100
times over... It is the tallest man-made structure on the
Southern Hemisphere.

Somewhere on our way to Monkey Mia.

The Bus on the camping ground at Monkey Mia.
Direct on the beach, where the dolphins swim past.

An absolutely beautiful place.

From the beach.

At Monkey Mia you can swim with the dolphins.
You can also feed them several times a day, they come
into the shallows. I did have a swim with them with my
snorkel gear, they came within a meter from me, and
it was really great.

During a side trip with the Jeep, some strange plants.

A quick stop on the Yellow Dust Road...

Almost walked with my face in this web... This spider
was almost as big as my hand!

The hind body was the size of a Ping-Pong ball...

I think this is in Kalbarri National Park...

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