The BUS Conversion

This is the story of a New Zealand Bus Conversion. I only just started... The Bus is a Nissan DA67 coach from 1985, imported from Japan to New Zealand. It is 12 meters long and 3.6 meters high. A lot of that hight is luggage space. So I still are going to raise the roof another 15 centimeters.
The bus is going to be completely stripped, guts out, windows out, roof raised, floor replaced. Then some windows back in, and the rest re-skinned. Then the real work starts...
In the following pages you can the documentary of this process. The pictures are taken with an old video-8 camera, and then captured with a video capture card. This makes for medium quality pictures, but they are small and it works fast. After all, I have something else to do...

Another thing you may want to see, is the design of the interior of the bus. This was made with a 3D modeling program called DesignWorkshop Lite. This software is free and can be downloaded from
After you have downloaded and installed this program, you can view my design by downloading this file: bus40.dw then double-click on it.
Note: If the file shows up on the screen, instead of being downloaded to disk, you can force a Save to Disk in Netscape by pressing the Shift key and then clicking on the file.

The easy way to view the bus is as follows: From the menu select "View, Shading". Then select: "View, Entrance" and the other pre-made Views. You can move around in the bus with the mouse. Full texture can be viewed by selecting: "View, Lights and Textures". You should use the Help to learn how the commands work. Have fun!

13-09-1998: Week One, The Demolition.
04-10-1998: Week 4, The Demolition continued.
01-11-1998: Week 8, Raising The roof.
15-11-1998: Week 10, New Rear-end.
01-12-1998: Week 12, New Skin.
12-12-1998: Week 14, Installing the Windows.
30-12-1998: Week 16, The Bus is Back!
15-02-1999: Week 22, The plumbing and Electrics
08-04-1999: Week 30, Tanks, Generator, Heating, Aircon, Waterheater
14-09-1999: Week ??, Outside storage compartments
01-11-1999: The Floor is in
01-12-1999: The building of the interior
24-12-1999: The painting of the Bus
27-12-1999: The Almost Finished Interior
13-01-2000: Living in, and finishing the Bus
01-09-2001: A Year Later, The Current Interior

The Bus is ready. Have a look at my Travel Pages!

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